Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My diet

My diet is something people don't seem to understand.  I figure maybe I could reach out and seek some support here or at least bring to light what it is as some people still don't understand.

So far, I figured out that I am most likely wheat intolerant.  That means no bread, no pasta, no pizza, biscuits, cookies or cake.  It also means that nothing should be breaded either.  When I cut out wheat, it made me aware of how much of the american diet is composed of wheat.  It's everywhere!  I have a much bigger appreciation of vegetables and other things.  I eat rice and have replaced pasta with vegetables.  My freezer is my friend.

I also don't eat shellfish.  Never developed a taste for it.  Found out I was also allergic to shrimp a year ago, so I don't bother regardless.

That's pretty much it, other than just being kinda picky.  :p

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