Saturday, January 9, 2016

On Resolutions

Millions of Americans make New Year Resolutions. Many times they are the same as the year before. They usually tend to be grand, overly vague, and somewhat unattainable. We in some cases hope to completely change ourselves or our environment and then be done with it, What we don't realize is that most times they are works in progress, they are things that need to be constantly worked. They are also things that need to be planned, strategized. Really though, why do we do this to ourselves every year? I constantly see in the media the phrase "New Year, New You", but why do we wait until the new year to make goals? Why not our birthdays? Why not President's Day? What if you're ready in the middle of March to start doing? To be honest, I feel like the whole Resolution thing is perpetuated by the media and it tells us that we can't do something significant unless we declare it on New Year's Day.  You walk into the stores and organizational items line the shelves, health, diet and fitness aids line the shelves. Gyms fill up with people who decide to make too aggressive of a start, people who won't be there in two weeks. It's all a very sad sight.

This year I have forgone the Resolution.

You read that right, no real Resolution, and I feel fantastic about that. 

I've already been working on myself, my eating habits, my health, and fixing the broken. That will be an ongoing thing, habits that will last a lifetime. I didn't start this on a resolution, but I was ready, and good habits multiply almost automatically. The way you think when you're ready for things to change is different. It's a slow process, not an overhaul, and I expect this to continue for a long, long time, mostly because I like being the best me I can be.